SvoëMesto - Kayfun Mini V3.

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    • SvoëMesto - Kayfun Mini V3.

      The Kayfun Mini V3 combines simplicity, functionality and excellent performance in a very compact form factor. With 19mm in diameter it makes an elegant appearance on small as well as on medium sized mods.
      It is made for vapers that newly start rebuilding as well as experienced users, who want an intuitive and reliable experience. Testing has shown that, in contrast to previous Minis, it is much more tolerant against user mistakes and not very likely to gurgle, leak or burn the wick.
      Especially for beginners the ability to access the build deck at any given time provides a perfect environment to practice and master rebuilding a Kayfun. Regardless of the small form factor the build deck offers you plenty of space to mount your build. Due to its internal construction an outstanding vape experience can be achieved with very little effort. Teflon coated o-rings assure a smooth operation without threads getting stuck.
      Thanks to its intelligent design, cleaning and maintenance can be done by disassembling the atomizer into no more than five pieces, no tools required.

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