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    • Etwas für die "Schnäppchen"-Tröten-Liebhaber :D

      finally we have a pleasure to open a short list for "VICTORIAN".

      Only 15 spots available for the first batch. Delivery time around 3 weeks for the first pieces. Of course if more people will place themselves on the list we will do our best to deliver to all.

      - 186 grams (+/- 5%) sterling silver (925)
      - natural amber button
      - 26650 battery
      - silver plated fatdaddy v4 connector
      - 32mm wide / 110mm high
      - 200 grams total weight ex battery
      - mosfet circuit switch (best parts used, 2mln clicks buttons the same as logitech is using for their mouses „wink“-Emoticon )

      price is $ 1000 or € 920. All included (paypal and shipping)
      there is advance payment of 40% required with in 72h after getting in to the list.

      thank you all.

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    • Mhhhhh recht teuer auch wenns silber is, lass es 100€ fürs Silber sein, die Tube is wohl gegossen und nachbearbeitet, da is 1000 schon recht happig (wenn man "Silber" als Rechtfertigung für den Preis angibt).
      Handwerklich "solide" (schaut halt aus wie n Ring ausm EMP xD )