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  • Der Uranos von Niko Vapor

    Hallo liebe DampferInnen!

    Mein HWV hat in letzter Zeit vor allem bei 26650 Mods und Verdampfern höher geschlagen und so musste ich mir fast den Vapor Giant V2 und den Uranos kaufen. Ich habe mir die überdrehte Version geholt, die ist unempfindlicher was Verschmutzungen angeht. Die V2 Versionen werden nur mehr in überdrehter Version angeboten, einzelne Shops bieten noch die polierte Version des Vapor Giant an, es handelt sich hierbei jedoch um die erste Version des Akkuträgers. Die Eckdaten des Verdampfers sind:

    Durchmesser: 32,5 mm
    Material: Edelstahl
    Bohrungen AFC: 4
    Wicklungen: 4
    Schrauben: Kreuz
    Anschluss: 510
    Lieferumfang: Verdampfer, Drip Tip, Ersatzteiltütchen mit Dichtungen und Schrauben
    Preis: € 79,95.-
    Homepage: [Links nur für Registrierte]
    geeignet für: Fanatiker die sich mit Akkutechnik und Wicklungen auskennen


    Die Verbreitung des Uranos ist tadellos, die Top Cap lässt sich angenehm entfernen die Gravur ist gut sicht- und auch… [Read More]
  • Mini Yaeliq RDA• MiniYaeliq Rebuildable Atomizer :

    Technical details :

    • Single easy build coil.
    • Dual air holes.
    • Removable top cap.
    • Can hold 1.3-1.5ml in reservoir with enough cotton.
    • No leakages even when it upside down.
    • 16 mm.
    • 303 food grade Stainless Steel construction.
    • The rda is full stainless.

    Das ist ein kleiner zum Glück eher unbekannter 16mm Dripper aus Israel. Preis ist 79 $ .
    Die Luftführung ist toll gelöst über 2 Luftlöcher in der Seite der Base in 2 hochstehende unter der Wicklung liegende Strömungsöffnungen. Grundsolide aufgebaut. Sehr einfach innerhalb von Sekunden zu wickeln.
    Ganz überragender Geschmack. Ich habe gerade sehr viel Spass damit. :bigsmile:
    [Links nur für Registrierte]
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  • 21mm
    Bottom draw forces airflow directly up through coil from below.
    Easily adjust juice flow by turning mouthpiece.
    Biult in Air-Control (optional)
    Easy top-fill ring.
    2 finishes available: Polished or Matte(brushed)

    2 different bases available:
    Standard 510
    510 with built in air control ring

    This atomizer is amazing! Elegance meets performance with the Tilemahos. It is a perfect match when paired with a GG Esterigon.

    [Links nur für Registrierte]
    [Links nur für Registrierte]

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  • The foggatti spitfire/hybrid combo is TINY especially in 18350 config.
    It comes both 510 ready & hybrid ready just like the T22 so existing hybrid owners can add the 'Spitfire' to their hybrid.
    We also have different size tubes (vapist edition) in stock now. dripping through the oval tip is simple and the new oval tip feels great! juice then trikkles down to feed upto 3 coils

    Also the first of a few new projects from Foggatti are expected by the weekend. The Dripper Codename; Spitfire will be added to the site and again some units will be available at UK Vapefest. Hopefully I can unveil the second project at Vapefest too :)
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  • Fully Hand Made, rebuildable dripping atomiser. Produced with special attention to details.

    Unique, clean and classy design;
    Small power loss;
    Adjustable center pin;
    Hybrid 20x1 connection for such mods as Caravela, GP Paps, GUS, and many others;
    Safe - Only FDA Approved materials;
    Provide great eLiquid taste, strong throat hit and plently of vapour!;
    Produced with custom requests;
    Really small and lightweight!

    Air Holes in SS caps are 1.2mm (or bigger), because a lot of ppl changed mind and took Mixed instead of SS (which were already made for them)
    Material: Stainless Steel / Brass (depends on request);
    Diameter: 22mm;
    Size: ~22mm (without 20x1 connector and drip-tip);
    Finish: Satine / Brushed;
    Top cap shape: Flat / Slant (For SS cap only) / Rounded (For SS cap only);
    Connection: Hybrid 20x1;
    Tank material: - ;
    Tank size (OD/length/WT): - ;
    Tank capacity: ~0,30ml;
    [Read More]

    Durchmesser: 22mm

    Product Description:
    -303 stainless steel one-piece Body/ Negative Posts won't turn or move...ever
    -Solid copper bottom contact
    -Post holes are .05" (fifty thousandths big) to easily accommodate a wide size range of kanthal wire sizes (28,26,24 etc.) and for easy quad coil or cotton builds.
    -High strength PEEK insulators for the Center Post which are Rated for 480°F and won't melt like Delrin.
    -18-8 stainless black oxidized coated Machine Screws
    -Black Buna-N O-rings Rated to +280°F
    -303 stainless steel sleeve with SIX 1/16 inch holes placed horizontally so as to create better distribution of air flow across the coils which, combined equate to three 1/8th inch holes! no need to drill.
    -Stainless finned Top-Cap with a conical internal design to channel flavor while decreasing the occurance of turbulant air or low pressure/idle zones in
    the chamber (Bernoulli's principle) Additionally the fins act as fully functional heat sinks which
    [Read More]

  • Adjustable Airflow (3mm hole, twist to adjust size)
    Single or Dual Coil Configuration (3 holes in cap)
    22mm Diameter ( fits flush on most mods )
    Stainless Steel
    Laser Engravings
    Delrin insulator
    Made in the USA

    Dual coil build video [Links nur für Registrierte]
    Single coil build video [Links nur für Registrierte]

    You can also buy the Omega off [Links nur für Registrierte] . $85 for RDA . Designed by Steve Nguyen of [Links nur für Registrierte]

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  • [Links nur für Registrierte]

    NIMBUS Features
    The "Spit Back Protection" does the following: as the name suggests, it protects you from the irritating spitbacks you get when your dripper gets "flooded" by your ejuice. it also serves as a "Flavor Booster" because of the hole size inside the driptip hole. It concentrates the vapor from the wick to your taste buds or mouth so that you taste your juice better.
    NIMBUS is the ONLY Filipino Made Atomizer that has a Spit Back protection
    The NIMBUS Atomizer has TWO insulators (another first here in the Philippines). The one on top is a soft insulator, this one serves as a warning about how you treat your NIMBUS, if it gets bloated you're it means you're torching your NIMBUS directly straight into the insulator(i know it sounds stupid, but a lot of people to this.) The other insulator on the bottom part is made of PA66 it's high heat resistance and placement makes it near impossible to destroy (not unless you're really trying to
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  • Pinoy Tröpfelverdampfer
    DX Double Cross

    Durchmesser: ca 19,5mm
    Höhe: ca 26mm
    Preis 69.95 / 79,-

    Beschreibung von DS
    Ein neuer Star am Tröpflerhimmel. Der Double Cross ist der erste Verdampfer der Welt mit einer Flachdrahtaufnahme und einer insgesamt 7mm Air flow Control. Sie können endlich die Schrauben anziehen ohne das der Draht wie bisher abgeschnitten wurde, extrem grosse Aufnahme für sehr dicke Drähte, ein neukonzipierter Isolator erlaubt Extremsetups! Der Pluspol ist silberbeschichtet. Der Double Cross ist in allen gängigen Setups zu betreiben.Von Single- bis zu Quadcoil. Der DX ist förmlich dazu auserkoren um jeden Dampfer zu begeistern der sowohl im „Normalen Ohm-Bereich“ wie auch im Extrem Subohmbereich dampft. Greifen sie zu, sie werden von ihrem Double Cross begeistert sein!

    Zu kaufen bei

    DS 69.95
    [Links nur für Registrierte]

    Vape4me 79,-
    [Links nur für Registrierte]


    Obi´s Dampfersofa

    [Links nur für Registrierte]

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  • Patriot Atomizer Manufactured, Designed, Engineered In The USA

    . High volume tank equals higher air flow for larger vapor clouds; more room for wick equals more juice for more hits. Measures 22mm for a flush look on most mods
    . Precisely sized vapor ports allow laminar flow for a clean steady pull with no turbulence in the vape stream
    . Zero resistance press fit terminal posts keep the power constant on every hit
    . Unique dynamic quad ring seal keeps any extra juice inside the tank
    . Through hole terminal design guarantees positive multi-point electrical contact to deliver maximum current to the coils.
    . Precision machined components from the highest grade 303 stainless steel ensure exact fits for consistent, even current draw to coils
    . Dual o-ring design adds mechanical stability to tank and drip tip while keeping the air stream on the coils where you want it to maximize the vape
    . Unique heat sink fin gives it that custom look and design and also removes up to 50% more… [Read More]

  • We're happy to announce the introduction of our dripper from the Versa line here on the Pit.
    A few of you asked for a lost to be started ,so here ya go.
    510 versa dripper is £65
    Hybrid connecter dripper is £75
    Shipping and PayPal fees are extra as always. We will edit this first post soon ,with pretty pics and specs.
    For please feel free to sign up!

    Thanks from myself and Andrew
    We appreciate your supportphoto-20.jpeg


    hoping we can reduce it a little,depends on finals tally.

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