201 dripper by Krib

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    So its time to start a topic regarding my little dripper, now that cnc-shop finally got their shit together and turned some 316 pieces.
    First batch is 20pcs but i wont fill all the spots yet as there might be need for spares etc.
    I'll post updates here when i have some news.

    For those of you who don't know, this is rebuildable dripping atomiser with native connection to Caravela and
    mods that have M20x1 threads.

    I have already gathered a small list based on interest via PM:s.
    If you want to be removed from it or think i have forgotten you please let me know.

    Price for atties from first batch will be 35€ including one cap which you can choose yourself.
    additional caps are 7€/pc.
    i'll still have to figure out shipping but my aim is registered letter at 5€ price.

    For this batch we had agreed a fixed price with cnc-shop, and they underestimated effort needed for these so for
    later batches i'll have to check price again. Also SS rod was free and that might effect later batches too.
    But lets not get ahead of ourselves here.

    This is the situation now

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  • batz88 -

    Do you still have 201 and 501 please